• Steel Structure

    Steel Structure

    Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse Building Double-layer steel structure workshops have more space for use, can effectively increase the use of area, use space rationally, save enterprise expenses...

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  • Steel Warehouse

    Steel Warehouse

    Steel Warehouse formed by steel coloum, steel beam, bracing, purlin, all the Steel Structure Fabricated in Workshop and delivery to Project site, quickly installation, green building and save manpower....

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  • Steel Workshop

    Steel Workshop

    Prefab Steel Structure Workshop Prefab Steel Workshop mainly load bearing member are Steel Structure, including Steel Coloumn , Steel Beam , Steel Structure Basement , Bracing system , Wall and Roof Pu...

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  • Prefab House

    Prefab House

    Prefab House 1) Structure: light steel as its main frame, which is safe and reliable; sandwich panels as its roof and wall boards, which is inside looks beautiful and convenient. 2) Environmental prote...

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  • Container House

    Container House

    We are a professional movable house, prefabricated house and modular house producer. we can manufacture all kinds of container house according to customers requirement. Container House Characteristic T...

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  • Poultry House

    Poultry House

    Poultry Farm House Design The rapid assembly, rapid extensibility, quick moldability and tightness of the modern light steel structure poultry farm house provide a reliable and high quality environment...

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  • Steel Garage

    Steel Garage

    Steel Garage Building are very durable. They are strong enough to withstand heavy snowfall, high winds, and strong earthquakes. The steel paneling can also be coated with aluminum compounds to prevent ...

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  • Building Materials

    Building Materials

    Roofing Sandwich Panel Roofing sandwich panel can be used for wall,roof,floor and partition of cold storage, mobile house, suburban housing, suburban housing,industrial plants, warehouses, supermarkets...

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